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The Future is Flat

Who we are is what we do

Vitiprints™ is an action, not just a word. 


Our commitment to quality + sustainability is in every thing we print and process. Sometimes the assumption with innovation is about adding lots of things to add value.

We decided innovation is about stripping away the non-essentials – and getting to what really matters. 


We make pills, beverages,

and liquids flat.

Vitiprints™ is a customizable print technology platform that enables 3D based pills, beverages and water-based products to be reduced to a precision printed 2D multi-layered form factor.

Our patented technology can be utilized to create 2D printed edible & non-edible products ranging from sublinguals, drink discs and sheets in a wholly new category of fully functional, environmentally enhanced cost-effective products eliminating any need for plastic packaging or components


Printed Sheets

Vitamins, Supplements, Nutraceuticals

Cleaners, Sanitizers, Fertilizers

Printed Capsules

Printed Discs

Milks, Coffees, Teas, Sport Drinks

Pods, Capsules, Enhanced Filtration

Printed Filters


We believe in an inclusive and healthy world for all.

We choose to make a difference that upholds our values and ethic in all things wellness.

We source all our materials responsibly and we deliver our product in recycled packaging.

We, at Vitiprints™, are committed to finding better solutions to reduce our reliance on plastic.

Zero waste. Sustainability. No plastic. 


Our Brands

MiLiLK - German TV spot