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Mililk introduces sheets of oat milk that just need water and 30 seconds in a blender

Can milk be flattened? Yes, says new German brand Mililk, which will soon start shipping its first product: a barista-friendly oat milk that's been 2D printed into sheets. Sleek enough to slide through a mail slot, Mililk's sheets drastically reduce packaging weight and material (a carton of plant-based milk can contain up to 97% water).

One sheet makes 250 ml of milk, but customers can also tear off a piece if they require less. All they need to do is add water and blend for 30 seconds to create 'fresh' milk for a cappuccino or bowl of muesli. In addition to oat powder, the sheets contain a bit of water, coconut oil, chickpea isolate, salt, vanillin and gellan gum — ingredients added to create a creamier texture and help the milk foam up.

Mililk is owned by German plant-based food group Veganz, which plans to 2D print other foods and beverages in the future. Mililk's oat milk barista sheets can be pre-ordered at a discount now for delivery in mid-August 2023; regular pricing is EUR 17.99 for enough sheets to make 10 liters. The brand is still testing shelf-life but expects it to be between 12 and 24 months.

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